Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bill Laimbeer blames ESPN for his personality deficiencies

From this story:

According to a report in Wednesday's Detroit Free Press, Laimbeer also said he'd refuse to wear his live microphone and cooperate with ESPN during Game 4.

"I just hear from our family and friends back home that, 'Boy, ESPN is killing you guys,'" Laimbeer told the newspaper. "'And [Nancy] Lieberman and Doris Burke are just trashing you left and right.' Not only me, but also some of our players on our ballclub."

Laimbeer told the Free Press that he would refuse to cooperate with the network for showing snippets of what he said to "create controversy or slam people."

"They're using their own tool to create their own story," Laimbeer said. "That shouldn't happen."

Laimbeer also said he wouldn't let cameras in the locker room for pregame routines and speeches.

"We're telling ESPN today to basically stick it," Laimbeer said.

Three observations:

1. Bill is upset that ESPN is "slamming people"? After what he's said about officiating? Officiating that called 28 Detroit fouls to 23 Sacramento fouls in Game 3? That called 42 fouls each on Sacramento and Detroit combined in the first two games?

Talk about a double standard. Laimbeer can slam anyone he wants, but will go all junior high on us when he perceives he's being slammed. Jaw-dropping stuff, this.

2. I guess I can go junior high level too: Bill, you are the only "tool" creating controversy here.

3. He's blaming ESPN for remarking on things he is saying. Who's responsible for what you say, Bill, you or ESPN? Have you gone to the Terrell Owens school of "blame the media for what I've said"?

I thought my 1980s hatred of Laimbeer was overblown teenage overreaction. I'm thinking it might not be...he's actually immatured with age.


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