Saturday, September 24, 2005

A few other blogging refs have emerged...

Well, not emerged exactly. They've been out all along, and I've added them to the sidebar.

Dan Engler has continued the blog I found earlier. He's the only one of us doing this with his name attached, so I suspect he'll have a different feel from mine. Not that I plan on slamming coaches, players, and fans on this site, but I might talk a little more about specific games than he can afford to. Nontehless, I enjoy reading his stuff.

Refblog is written by a soccer ref in the US. He's in-your-face. He pulls no punches. He's like my evil twin. And he's a prolific writer who's blogging for two years now. Worth a read.

There's also an English soccer referee who writes the cleverly-titled "Whistling in the Wind." He appears to use his blog as a day-by-day assessment of the season, which is what mine will turn into when hoops gets started in earnest after Thanksgiving.

So, although I'm not the only blogging ref like I thought I was, it's still a bit lonely out here, and I still haven't discovered another blogging basketball ref.


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