Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Game Log: 12/20/05

Two games today: a JV and a Varsity game at a small religious school.

Nothing went wrong, but they weren't my best, especially the Varsity game. I didn't physically feel great...had weird chest cramps. If I were older, I'd have headed to the hospital, but I'm young enough that I figured it was just what I ate.

Speaking of eating, what should I eat if I have to run from work to a game? What should I stop to buy in a grocery store? What if I have to drive through somewhere?

Anyhow, it wasn't very high quality basketball. That doesn't bother me much, especially since my partner and I were pretty much on the same page as far as letting some stuff go. We heard very little from either coach.

We heard an awful lot from one of the players on White, though. She was a hothead. She didn't like a couple of borderline calls against her...but she didn't like some of the obvious ones against her, either. I had to tell her to settle down and keep her cool. She approached my partner. He told her to settle down and keep her cool. Then, with a minute and a half left, after the ball went out of bounds, she lightly (but distinctly) tossed the ball off of her opponent. I was running up from my position as lead to in-bound the ball. I sort of saw it happen, but wasn't positive about it. Fortunately, my partner had it and T-d the girl. It was her fifth foul, and she was clearly glad to be disqualified. White didn't have any players left to replace her...one other had fouled out, and everyone else had played the JV game, so White had to finish with four players. Fortunately, the Black coach was very sporting and went into a major slowdown to finish the game.

I feel good that even when I'm not 100% physically, I can have a game I'm happy with.

THINGS TO WORK ON: Conditioning. I need to get in shape and stay there.
NEXT: Tomorrow night--a big-school non-conference tilt.


At 6:09 AM, Blogger tommyspoon said...

RE: Eating on the run.

Protein and carbs are the most important things to get from any meal. So a 6" Turkey Sub would do the job nicely.

I don't know your feelings on sushi, but that's my go-to on the run food. Even on this coast, I can walk into a groc and get a sushi to-go pack for under $6. You should have no problem finding much better sushi in your neck of the woods!


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