Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I still get nervous before games...until about tipoff.

The nerves are pretty intense. I start thinking about it a few days in advance. I check the standings. If it looks like a pair of good teams, it gets even more intense. The day of, I'm able to set the game aside at work...but as soon as the work day ends and I'm on my way to the game, I feel it. I pop a Pepto. I get to the gym extra early. I watch the JV game. I try to remember what I'm working on. I find and talk to my partner. I get in a pregame.

I wonder if this is a helpful thing or the opposite. I wonder if I should work on toning it down. But I'd hate to get to the gym and feel not nervous. That could lead to apathy, which I don't want.


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