Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Game Log 1/10/06: Hangin' with a vet

Today was a bit unusual. I had a pair of junior high games...and that was it. Normally I get a varsity game every night I'm available, and usually more. Tonight, just junior high. I'd take it personally, except my partner was the actual #1 official in our association. A veteran, multiple state appearances, great person.

I've been around long enough that I don't feel the need to press her for information or to totally learn everything I can from her. Mostly, tonight was about hanging out with her and having fun. We did.

The games were a pair of blowouts (a "varsity" junior high game followed by a 7th grade game). The gym was tiny, with maybe two feet of space between the end line and a very hard brick wall. No major calls went badly--there was sparse need for any calls at all in the second game. The players weren't terribly skilled...we let a few travels go...and there wasn't much contact.

Fun time. Easy money.

THINGS I DID WELL: Eyes off ball, didn't flatten myself against a brick wall
THINGS TO WORK ON: I'm still reaching across the lane to call drives as lead. With 3-man the rule these days, I need to eradicate that from my game--even in 2-man games.
NEXT UP: JV game tomorrow. Again, no varsity. I guess we have more officials available these days.


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