Friday, December 30, 2005

Most Disgusting Moment in my history as a ref

If you aren't into bodily fluids, you can stop reading here.

Second quarter of one of my games today. I step down to administer some free throws, and players point down at the floor.


There, in all its glory, is a used tampon, which somehow had become separated from its owner under the hoop.

It's not listed as one of my duties as an official, but I put the toe of my patent-leather shoes against that feminine product and scooted it up against the back wall, where it was eventually disposed of by someone with (I hope) gloves.

Some thoughts:
--This would be a problem unique to girls' ball.
--Was it really THAT rough in the post?
--I suppose the tampon would have to leave the game for the blood rule.

I was taken aback enough that I said to the players, "Well, this is a first for me," since it was. I now regret that...the owner of that tampon was within earshot of that, and probably embarrassed and not wanting attention called to it.

It happened again in the third quarter. I scooted it out again. A few minutes later, a parent, right next to me and far away from the action, asked "What was that?"

I broke my rule of not talking to the crowd, turned around, and said "You don't want to know."


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