Saturday, January 21, 2006

Game Log 1/21/2006: Damn fun

I had a 6th grade game and a 7th grade game today.

The first game was a blowout. Blue beat White handily. They played extremely well for 6th graders...passed the ball beautifully, ran the court marvelously, and played stingy defense. The game was completely clean with the exception of a late pick. The player jumped in, but I thought she was there on time. The coach (politely) told me after the game she thought the player had her forearms up and out. I didn't see it that way. The kid who ran into the pick took a knock on the head, but she's all right.

The second game was very tight and fun to ref. Two evenly-matched teams. White beat Blue. I was working with a high school kid. He gave me a vibe that he wasn't that interested in the game--for instance, with 20 seconds left in a 1-point game, during a time out, he was shooting hoops. Not okay! I went down and told him I needed his full attention on the game--went over situations we might see.

No really big calls late: just two quick jump balls that I got to sell big-time.

Again, I continue to notice something about my personality: when I'm the stronger partner, I really have better games and feel more confident. It's not that I have bad games when I'm working with a great ref...but I don't feel the same level of strength out there for whatever reason.

It's time for me to get arrogant all the time--but in a nice way.

THINGS I DID WELL: Managed pressure very, very well.
THINGS TO WORK ON: I'm going to review the exact language of the screening rules. I need to have those dead on.
NEXT UP: A fairly tight Varsity matchup on Wednesday night...fourth place against fifth place. I'd bet a few bucks that I'll be observed, so I want to be ready. I will also have my wife videotape me. Today was a great pair of games to get momentum going for that bigger one.


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