Friday, January 13, 2006

Game Log 1/13/2006: Easy Money

JV Game--cancelled. We arrived just as the visiting team was calling to say they wouldn't be there. We get paid. I get a chance to grab half a sandwich.

Varsity game--no problem. Major mismatch. We had two tiny private schools known for their academics. Red, for reasons I don't know, was starting 4 freshmen, and none of them were terribly skilled. Their fifth player was kind of talented, and I could tell she was barely masking her frustration at her teammates' lack of skill. I kept an eye on her in case she boiled over. She didn't.

We called what we had to call. Things were fine save one bout of mental laziness late...I didn't get up the floor enough on a sudden backcourt turnover. Other than that, this isn't one I'll remember for any reason.

THINGS I DID WELL: Managed blowout, closed on jump balls, consistent with partner
THINGS TO WORK ON: Staying mentally aware late.

NEXT UP: JV and Varsity games, largish school, competitive-ish matchup. Wednesday.


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