Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Game Log 2/14/2006: Buzzer beater

Two junior high games today. The first was quiet: seventh graders, relatively unskilled...jsut a matter of letting them learn a little. The eighth grade game, while not a lot more in terms of skill, had a heck of an ending.

White led by one with 9 seconds left. Red got the ball on a jump ball. They took it downcourt. White's defense was way, way too aggressive. Rather than having their players lay back a little, they had a kid head out beyond the three point line and push. I called it--I'd called it all day. "PUSH! White 15!" This was highly unpopular among the home fans, but it was too much to overlook. I heard nothing from the coach.

So Red goes to the line, down by one, with 3.2 seconds left. She misses the first. I'm feeling awful for this kid. She misses the second.

Red rebounds and puts it back with .6 seconds left for the win.

Awesome. And, needless to say, I got the heck out of that gym.

THINGS I DID WELL: Confidence/assertiveness in tough situation.
THINGS TO WORK ON: I'm yelling too much again. I'm ball-watching in boring games.
NEXT UP: I finish my regular season on Thursday night with a small-school Varsity matchup.


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