Friday, February 10, 2006

Game Log 2/10/2006: Not a great night

The game was uneventful. The winning team, #1 in the state and undefeated in its conference, won by a bucketload.

I feel like the game went well for me, but I was feeling a little sick, and was honestly worried about making the floor for game time. I did. And amazingly, once I started running, I felt better.

I was evaluated...but by an evaluator I've "dinged" (or asked not to evaluate me). It's not that I think he's out to get me, it's that I don't trust his judgement...he's said things in the past that I know to be untrue. So I'll have to send an email and ask that this evalaution not count.

THINGS I DID WELL: Coach management, game management late, didn't let blowout get out of control

THINGS TO WORK ON: Evaluator says I'm looking up at shot as lead. If that's true, I've got to stop it.

NEXT UP: Junior high games on Tuesday.


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