Wednesday, December 03, 2008

And...we're on in three, two...

I lead off tomorrow. Freshman boys. Then girls' varsity/JV doubleheaders on Friday and Monday.

A quick review of my goals for this year:


My goal: There will always be discernible silence between the whistle and the call. A good way to do that might be to keep the whistle in my mouth. I'll put this in the foreground for camp.

Glad this is here, because my goal is always to get the whistle out of my mouth and start barking. No more. Discernible silence. That's a nice, measurable goal.


It's quite possible that my tendinitis comes in part from my miscalculation of more-or-less not working out for the first 37 years of my life. And my suspect running style probably didn't help my posterior tibialis tendon any. So, as soon as I get this damn boot off, I will get a personal trainer. I will actually run a little bit (not a lot...let's get real). I will develop some of those...whattayacallem...muscle groups. I will buy really good ref shoes. I'll put insoles in them to protect my ankles and knees. I will be in physical shape so that I, rather than a doctor, ends my season.

The national economy has prevented me from getting a personal trainer. And while I walked a good deal this offseason, I haven't run hardly at all until recently. I hope I can keep up with the kiddoes, especially since this looks to be a mix of (2-person) freshman games and (3-person) JV/Varsity games. I'll do ankle exercises especially. I did manage to buy the really good shoes, so that ought to make a significant difference right there.


I always thought I was solid on the rules, but I guess I wasn't. I'll hit the books this summer. I'll have it cold...even the damn fashion rules. I want to become The Rules Guy in the association...the guy people go to to ask stuff.

I think I'm better in the places where I used to be weak, which is to say Fashion Police and Which Ts Are Direct, Indirect, And All That. Before my first boys' game, I'll memorize the basket interference and goaltending rules.

Wish me luck! Game logs start tomorrow night.


At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Massref said...

Before my first boys' game, I'll memorize the basket interference and goaltending rules.

Piece of cake.


ALL FIVE must be true at the same time to have GT:

1) Try or tap for goal
2) On the way down
3) Completely outside the cylinder
4) Chance to go in
5) Must touch the BALL

(Also goaltending to touch a free throw on the way up, but I've never seen that one.)

Basket Interference

Only ONE must happen to have BI:

1) Touch the BALL while it is in the cylinder
2) Touch the BALL or the BASKET while the ball is on or in the basket
3) Reach through the basket from below and touch the ball, even if the ball is outside the cylinder
4) Pull the ring so that it contacts the ball before the ring has returned to its normal position.

A couple other points to remember, which you probably already know:

1) It is NEVER basket interference or goaltending to strike the backboard. We NEVER award points for hitting the backboard.

2) For GT, we must have a try, but for BI, we don't care how the ball got into the cylinder. The ball can be passed across the court; but if it is touched while it passes through the cylinder, it's BI even though there was no try. It could bounce off somebody's head, or be a throw-in, etc.

Hope that helps.

At 7:36 AM, Anonymous Massref said...

P.S. -- Good luck with the start of your season. :-)


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