Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This year is different.

There are some scrimmages this morning, and our main assignor is there, saying that he'd like to see everybody. I wasn't sure I was available (we will be leaving town for Thanksgiving around noon), but I also know that it'd be good to be seen. I chatted with the wife, got clearance to leave this morning, then called the assignor to see if I was needed. He replied that he was covered, that if I could make it, go ahead, but it wasn't a big deal if I missed it.

I planned to go.

But wife woke up with the boy too often overnight, and as the alarm went off this morning, it was clear that wife's sleep before she bakes pies all day > my scrimmage.

So I'm home. I may catch the girls game a little later on this morning, but probably not.

It would have been nice to work a boys' varsity scrimmage, since I need practice at that level. And face time with the assignor matters too. But wife's sleep trumps all.


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