Saturday, October 15, 2005

Off-season ball

Today I will officiate for the first time in about 6 months. Some off-season rec ball. Not sure of the age.

I normally don't like doing off-season rec ball. Officials sometimes don't do the regular switching on fouls, etc. that they do during the season. Both players and officials can get sloppy, and I never feel comfortable going to my partner and saying "Hey, let's do this like it's a high school game." But I want to see what kind of shape I'm in, so I'll go off to do a pair of games.

Back in February, I gave myself four areas I want to improve on for the upcoming season. I've just looked back at them, and three of them don't really apply to today. So I'll be working on keeping my eyes in my area. And seeing what kind of shape I'm in. It might be time to spend a few bucks on a personal trainer and tell him/her: "get me in shape for the season."

So later today, this site will have its first game entry. I plan on using this as my game log/journal to keep track of how things are going. I hope it's interesting enough that others want to read it.


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