Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Game Log 1/25/2006: Hum-drum

Tonight's game wasn't a blowout, wasn't a close one, wasn't physical but wasn't timid, wasn't tough but wasn't easy. There was really no distinguishing characteristics to the game.

I never quite felt 100%. I didn't have any god-awful kicks, but a lot of the calls I made, especially in the first half, were ones that maybe I could have passed on, maybe not...I just never really felt right mentally.

We made through it all right, though. My 3-man rotations were fine. My first two rotations were a little quick, as it turned soon as I got across the paint, a kid was launching a three. Fortunately, my partners picked up both rotations, but I still was certain to adjust and wait a hair longer for subsequent rotations. I still need a LOT of practice on switches--so many fouls have me just running aimlessly, hoping to wind up in the right place.

I did have to straighten a coach out on a rule. After a double foul, we gave the ball to White. Red's coach wanted the ball because the possession arrow pointed her way. I explained the new rule. "No jump ball, coach. On a double foul, we go to point of interruption. White had the rebound, so White gets the ball." Her response? Silence. Man, I love hearing that from a coach after an explanation.

THINGS I DID WELL: Coach management at explanation of weird call. Rotations.
THINGS TO WORK ON: More patient whistle (could have passed on a couple), switching in 3-man.

NEXT UP: A fairly competitive varsity game Friday night.


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