Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Game Log 12/27/2006: Three good ones

Three little-kid games in succession today, with a rookie partner. I'm very happy with how everything went.

The first game featured a coach that I know to be chatty in an unsportsmanlike way. Last month, I learned that warning him works wonders. I didn't want to immediately warn him again,'d look like a vendetta. So I told my partner before the game that "One of these coaches might be a problem. I won't tell you which one." Of course, I didn't have to. The coach didn't say much if anything to me all game long, but apparently he was saving it for my partner. In the second quarter, my partner tooted his whistle and came over to me.

"That coach...he's distracting me from doing my job."

"Well then, go warn him." [I think he wanted me to.]

He did. At halftime, the assistant said he was confused as to what the warning was for. "Lip from the coach," I said, straight up. He didn't do much the rest of the game. Yay warning. I did talk to my partner about not stopping the clock to seek out the coach...he can warn him at a natural stoppage rather than creating one.

My partner was quite strong for a first-year guy, and he seemed to want to learn, so I spent a couple of time outs giving him little things to work on. I enjoy teaching people who want to learn.

I only had three calls I'd like back in the three games. There was a hard pick near the ball in the backcourt that I missed because I was so carefully counting out a ten-second count. That's not good. A kid wound up holding her chin for some reason in a weird gray area, and my partner and I missed it. That happens, but I'd like to catch that sucker next time. And I called a blocking foul on a player who had straight-up verticality. At the time, the foul count was way in the other team's favor, so that was in my mind, but even so, I just can't punish good D like that.

Three I'd like back in three games. I'll take that.

After the game, a kid (probably late HS or early college aged) came up to compliment me, saying he watched me work all three games and I was the best ref he'd ever seen at that level. I don't take that too seriously--if I did, I'd have to take spectator criticism seriously also--but it still felt nice. I took advantage of the situation and got the guy's email...recruitment, bay-bee. Let's stop the ref shortage! My technique? Be such a stud on the floor that people chase after me, then convince them to join me, where perhaps they might touch the hem of my garment...

THINGS I DID WELL: Handled rookie partner gently, call selection was solid
THINGS TO WORK ON: Verticality! Also, my own verticality...I still don't think my posture was good.

NEXT: Interesting varsity matchup tomorrow. A nonconference tilt: Rural Town HS travels to take on Inner City HS.


At 5:31 AM, Anonymous massref said...

My technique? Be such a stud on the floor. . .

That's a good technique, but I don't use to recruit refs. . . ;-)

At 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BR, you'll always be a stud to me. ;-)


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