Friday, December 08, 2006

Game Log 12/8/2006: Not the game I thought it'd be

30-point blowout. I guess these early-season games sort out what the really good vs. the not-so-good games will be.

My performance: adequate. We managed the game, but I'll have to do better than this if I want to work up the list.

Things were motoring along fine through a quarter and a half (Blue was up 25-6 after about 6 minutes of play, and that was all she wrote). White's coach chirped at me a couple of times...there was a play where a bunch of players fell down, but I saw White collide with White and bring down a Blue. No call. I explained that. Indeed, in retrospect, I explained too much. He has a talent for asking things in a way that get answers, and next thing you know, he's creating regular dialogue. Not cool.

That's when my eyes wandered from my area. I was lead and a rebound went over to C's side, where C had an excellent look. I saw White and Blue come down with the ball together...but then their bodies blocked it. I called a jump ball. What the frick was I doing? Awful, awful call--the ball had squirted away and white had it. White coach said nothing. I blew it.

In the past, this would have taken me out of the game for a while. I'm making progress in that regard. If anything, it took me too much INTO the game. I called a bunch of fouls (good ones) over the next couple of minutes before realizing that I was dominating. I communicated to my partners that I needed to keep my whistle quiet for a while. I did. This is progress, but might be an overcompensation.

Third quarter went well too...a few minor bitches from the coach. Things started to get a little ugly on the court in the final two minutes...not there's-going-to-be-a-fight ugly, but they're-apathetic-and-sloppy ugly. As a crew, we probably let a little too much go. I had called three of the four fouls on White 15. I saw her swat an arm...let it go. Two minutes left. Could have had that, but it wasn't quite in my area. She's playing defense by getting up and bumping the opponent...she's the one creating the contact! I let that go a little, but it became clear in the final minute and a half that we needed to crack down a little. So I called one of those--fouled the kid out. I didn't want to do that--certainly not when I'd called four of the five fouls. White coach was really bummed...he felt like Blue had pushed off immediately before.

I don't think he did. Nor do I think there were hand checks, pushes, bumps, or any of the other things that he was asking for, both politely and occasionally impolitely.

I needed to warn him, and I didn't. He has a way of ending conversations before the warning comes and starting new ones. He needs at least a "you need to pick your spots." Next time I'll give it.

Partners were great and seemed okay with me, but I'm only slightly satisfied...not happy.

Damn you, perfectionism!

THINGS I DID WELL: I feel like positioning was good, and I'm getting more comfortable with three-person mechanics.

THINGS TO WORK ON: Coach management with this guy, and keep my goddamn eyes in my goddamn area as lead so I don't make another gawdawful call.

NEXT UP: Varsity game--probably a lopsided one--on Wednesday. But hey...I thought today's game would be hot. It wasn't.


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