Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Game Log 1/3/07: Another T, Blowout, Evaluation.

Two teams, both winless in the conference, went at it tonight. Apparently, not all winless are created equal, as Green won by 40. It was ugly from the get-go, and my partners and I did well to keep everything under control. As our evaluator put it, "You could have called everything and gone home at midnight, or you could have called not enough and had the game get out of control. You did well going in between."

It became fairly clear in the first quarter that Green would win. White had only 6 players on the roster, and we wanted to be careful not to foul anybody out, but man, White was throwing themselves at Blue all over the floor. Next thing you know, we've got a foul count of 7 to 1. White's coach is barking. He's not asking questions, and he's not saying anything polite or useful or productive. He's mostly saying "Geez! It's 7 to 1!" I go downcourt as T, and he's in my ear. I take a little, then I show him my palm and say: "Coach, I'm done with you." Too much? I suppose I could have started with "I hear you!" but it didn't feel appropriate, and when he responded by saying: "I bet! I'm done with you, too!" well, it was a T. third of the third in my last 4 varsity games! I guess you could argue it was a quick trigger, but my partners and evaluator liked it.

There was really only one call I want back...late in the game there was a scramble for the ball, and I saw White wind up, in the course of diving, knocking Blue to the floor. In a 40 point game, right in front of the White coach, that's probably a no-call. It happened in a sequence of several good calls that went against White, too. The coach quietly murmured disappointment. I was able to pretend I didn't hear.

I saw the evaluator before the game, and idly wondered whether I'd be evaluated by him (the philosophical guy I like so much) or his evil twin (who I don't). The good guy showed up. He says my mechanics are too loose, and that it might have prevented a good player control foul I had from being convincing. Fair enough. But I'm proud of a positive comment he put. Next to appearance, he wrote: "Yes--I believe!" I have no clue how this has happened, but apparently I look like I belong now. Maybe this is why I've been treated with such respect lately (at least until tonight).

Good game, but I can do better. And with a couple of big games next week, I'll have to.

THINGS I DID WELL: Demeanor, handled blowout well.
THINGS TO WORK ON: Tighten up mechanics, get away from the line as C.
NEXT: Freshman and then varsity game...a competitive matchup. Featuring the coach that has flummoxed me in the past. If things progress as they often have, I'll let him know to pick his spots. But he'll start with a clean slate.


At 7:02 AM, Blogger tommyspoon said...

BR, I had to stop reading this entry because I got really confused about the team colors: was White playing against Green or Blue?



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