Wednesday, October 03, 2007

NLDS tonight

I only watched Cubs/D-Backs, and only on fast-forward. But I stopped because they did a pretty big production number to introduce the each a big picture and the number of years they've umpired playoff ball.

They then had a breakdown of home plate umpire Ed Montague similar to the way they'd do a "breaks of the game" segment. Color man Ron Darling called Montague a great umpire, a guy who will discuss the strike zone with you, and who will expand his zone if the pitcher is hitting his spots. "He's not a QuesTec umpire," Darling said.

I like the umpire love and attention, but I'm not sure Darling's is the direction I think it should go. I assume that Darling is mostly talking about Montague from his experiences with him as a player (perhaps I'm jumping to a conclusion there). But since Darling retired in 1995, long before QuesTec, how would he know what a QuesTec umpire is? If I understand correctly, the whole stinkin' point of QuesTec is to eliminate an umpire "expanding their zone" (or contracting it). So I trust all umpires are likely now "QuesTec Umpires," whether by choice or not. I speak, of course, from no real experience...

but hey, it's been a while since I've posted at all, and I noticed this, yeah.

How are you all doing?


At 3:07 PM, Anonymous Z said...

Doing good... missing your post though. Looking forward to basketball :)



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