Monday, June 04, 2007

It'll be a camp-free summer or Why I Should Have Lifted More

Made my debut with physical therapy today. I've come to the conclusion that those 37 years of never really working out may have been a miscalculation.

The pain in the back of my left knee is a result of weak muscles from the ankle to the hip. As a result, if I understood correctly, my hamstrings have totally tightened up to compensate. That's where the pain in the back of the knee comes from...tight, tight hamstrings. He talked a lot about my freakishly loose joints as well, and how they add to the work the muscles have to do.

The good news is that this is fixable. He's given me 10 minutes a day of exercises to do, which is eminently doable. The hip flexors and quads will be busted into shape. At the end of all of that, there shouldn't be any pain anymore..

We also talked at some length about shoes. Mine are too soft. I need to look more closely at the shoes that I buy. The problem is that I buy almost all of my ref shoes on line (I just love that patent leather). I haven't even checked to see if my ref shoes are supportive enough. I'd do it now, but the cat is asleep on my chest, and I'm resting my highly overworked legs.

So camp is out. That's okay...I'll take advantage of the rest time, and be sure to get in some fall work in the new hometown to allow everyone to get to know me.

Meanwhile, I'll be lifting my legs in various contortions. Ten minutes a day.


At 12:20 PM, Blogger tommyspoon said...

On the other end of the spectrum... Sweetie and I just returned from San Diego where we watched a friend run the Rock and Roll Marathon. Watching all of those folks cross the finish line has inspired me to try to run one of my own next year.


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