Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Get your damn conspiracy theories straight

Hey, NFL ref-bashers! Which is it?

Are the refs a part of a huge conspiracy to prevent the Pats from going undefeated, as Bill Simmons suggested a few weeks back?

Or are the refs a part of a huge conspiracy to make them go undefeated, as some Ravens are currently suggesting? (And where are you now, Bill?)

Or has the NFL gone from one massive, clandestine, unreported conspiracy to the opposite, clandestine, unreported conspiracy, seamlessly and without anybody ratting anything out for the certain megabucks book deal, all in the course of a month?

(And kudos to ESPN's Mark Schlereth, a breath of fresh air in all of this--putting responsibility on the Ravens' shoulders, pointing out some close calls that went the Ravens' way.)


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