Sunday, May 18, 2008


I went out to buy shoes yesterday. Camp is coming up in two weeks, and I've concluded (with the help of a podiatrist) that last year's ankle troubles are at least in part due to crappy shoes. I guess that's what happens when one puts looks first (yay patent leather).

I headed to a specialty running shoe store, where they actually take you outside and watch you run before recommending a shoe for you. I walked in and said I was a basketball ref who'd had some knee and ankle problems. I wanted a really supportive shoe and, oh yeah, it has to be all black.

They have exactly one pair of all-black shoes. I ran in them and felt some weird tweaks in my knee.

I tried on a pair of white shoes to walk in, and they felt nearly perfect. If only I could spray-paint them...

The very helpful guy said I should look elsewhere for basketball shoes or indoor soccer shoes. He said that I tend to collapse inward on my foot....the arch falls a bit. Hence, the posterior tibialis tendon problems.

So I hit the mall. Found a kid at Foot Locker about half my age.

"You can't go wrong with Air Jordans," he said, "or maybe Kobes."

The Kobes had too much non-black in them. I tried on the Jordans. They didn't feel like they were giving me much support, and the big Jordan silhouette on them would be problematic for me...I might have to strap it down with electric tape.

I was ready to move on when they gave me a third pair. They were all black and highly supportive. The bad news is they're sort of suede-y leather, so they'll never be shiny.

Bye-bye, patent leather you could smile at your reflection in.

But more importantly, bye-bye season-ending injury. I hope.

I'll test-drive them at camp in two weeks. Wish me luck.


At 5:08 AM, Blogger tommyspoon said...

Waitaminit... you mean to tell me that you pounded up and down the hardwood in patent leather shoes???

Man, you must have a really understanding wife. Those shoes must have been seriously funky!

At 10:05 PM, Anonymous smith said...

Nice sharing!! Well, I am going for a high school basketball tournament next month. Got the new pair of Nike basketball shoes from Foot Locker.


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