Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Game Log 1/21/2009: Cruisin'

Winless against sub-.500 tonight in a JV/varsity doubleheader. There were almost no problems.

The first game was a particularly icky blowout early. The winless girls, I think, were accustomed to getting creamed, as there really wasn't any frustration about them. The coach was a good guy who tried to find positives everywhere he could. He got frustrated late in the first half. A player for White had a fairly ugly reach...and it got all ball. I saw no contact and heard nothing but leather. The player still got the pass off to her teammate, who double-dribbled. As I ran down the court, winless coach said: "That was OBVIOUS." I told him no, I had all ball, and she got the pass off anyway. A minute later, the half ended.

As the second half began, winless coach said "I know I was upset in the first half, but here's what bothers me. I tell these kids that if they work hard, good things will happen...and then something like that happens and it's not rewarded." I responded as clearly as I could: "Coach, I understand your frustration, but I had all ball, and at halftime my partner said he had all ball too. Still, I'll keep an eye out. And whatever they're paying you, they should double it."

No more problems all night long. It wasn't a perfect game...we probably let a little too much go...but it wasn't too bad.

Varsity was as smooth as silk. Again, it was a total blowout--about a 40-point loss for winless, who often lose by 60 or more. This one, however, didn't have players as unskilled as the JV game, so we didn't ever ease up or take real passes. If anything, there were one or two I could have taken passes on.

The only real issue was rotating. Both teams were playing zones, and the offenses loved the big skip pass above everyone's head. It seemed like every time I would rotate, they'd throw that damn skip pass as soon as I got there. But partners had no issues with my rotation, and we only missed one or two.

No real issues here. Now, I've got a few days off. Actually, I only have 8 more nights I'll be working (2 a week for the next 4 weeks...I'm actually available for a few days where I am apparently unneeded). And I feel like it's been a good year. I hope to finish strong.

THINGS I DID WELL: Coach and partner communication
THINGS TO WORK ON: Resist temptation to let too much go in blowouts
NEXT UP: Boys/girls varsity doubleheader on the same school that loved me (not) so much on MLK Day.


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