Thursday, January 08, 2009

Game Log 1/8/2009: This one is memorable.

Two first-ever occurrences tonight. My first-ever double-overtime game, then my first-ever boys' varsity game.

Damn it, why did they have to occur in that order? I'm a non-athlete, damn it!

First game was kind of fun. Really intense late. Partner and I had it under control. Green had a large lead early when they couldn't seem to miss a shot, but next thing you know, the game was tied with three minutes left. Then, NEITHER TEAM SCORED for the last three minutes! Ick. I did have a pretty big Player Control foul that I had to sell because I didn't see it as well as I would like. No complaints, but hey. It was one of those two-person things...I took my eye off the post as lead to pick up the drive coming from the same side, and a defender up a little ways, but out on a wing, seemed to be there. In 3-person, that's trail's call all the way. In 2-person, it's a bit of no-man's land, so I picked a call and sold it.

The girls were not terribly skilled--these were, after all, a couple of really tiny schools--so we passed on a fair number of travels (and also called quite a few of them).

The boys' game went strangely. In the first half, my partner called 7 fouls while I called only 2. I honestly didn't see anything that I needed to get on. For a while, I was wondering if I was missing something...but ultimately, I think my partner, while a good guy, was overzealous. I don't partner bash here (and wouldn't bash this nice guy even if I could), but there were enough that were sort of in my area that I'm pretty sure that he was reaching a bit. I had a few more in the second half, and there was barely a peep from either coach (one wanted three seconds on the opposition...he kept asking for it when the opponent was in the paint for about 2.5 seconds, and I was consistent about not calling it so vigilantly on both sides).

So it's all good. I did make it through the second half of the second game with my right quad barking a bit. It hurts (not much, but a little) when I take my foot off the ground and push it forward as I run. Even with this hampering me, I only remember being beaten twice in the second half. This makes me feel a bit manly. Not as manly as not getting hurt in the goddam first place would make me feel, but I still played through pain. I've iced it twice now, and will ice it and take Advil tomorrow. The goal is to do my girls JV/Varsity doubleheader (3-person, thank goodness) and then rest all weekend before 3 subvarsity (2-person, damn it all) boys' games next week.

Thus--my deflowering for boys' varsity. Not bad overall.

An experienced official was there, and watched the second half (and overtimes) of the girls' game and the first half of the boys'. He came at halftime and gave some constructive criticism to my partner (said he called some things in my area). His question for me was thus: "Late in that girls' game (actually the second overtime), you called a pushing off foul on the offense while they were inbounding the ball. Why did you give them free throws?" Hell, that's easy. "No team control yet on the throw-in, so we shot the double-bonus." His response: "That's what I thought. I figured it wasn't team control because you can throw the ball to the backcourt and it's not over-and-back." So a compliment! No criticisms! Yay! I know the rule!

So, quadricep permitting, we move along. We'll see how I feel in the morning.

THINGS I DID WELL: Kept cool in pressure situations, had a weird rule call correct late, had a patient whistle, especially in boys' game
THINGS TO WORK ON: Conditioning, damn it. That and picking up more defenders when lead in 2-person. Too much tunnel vision.
NEXT UP: Small school girls' JV and Varsity (albeit not microscopic like tonight).


At 7:17 AM, Anonymous Massref said...

Must have been something in the air last night. My boys varsity game was an 18-point game in favor of the home team with 6 minutes left. You guessed it, they blew the lead and we had OT. Home team eventually won.

We didn't go 3 minutes without a score, like you did; but each team had at least 2 chances in the last minute to win it and couldn't score.

Sounds like you had a good night. Good luck with the quad.


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