Friday, November 27, 2009

Game Log 11/27/09: Nine quarters

All right, so they were running clock scrimmage-quarters. And so we had four refs, and one of us was resting in each of the quarters; so I only worked 7 quarters, or 56 minutes of running clock. Still, it sounds pretty rugged of me to have done this.

Girls' scrimmage today. No real issues I noticed. The quality of play was hit-and-miss (the quarters with the varsity were far better than the quarters with the C-team bench), but I didn't have any real issues or any calls I'd like back.

What's most interesting is how I feel myself taking the reins of leadership a little more. I was one of two officials there who had a good deal of experience, and rather than defer to the guy who has been at it far longer, I stepped up and positioned myself in the role of co-leader. The new guys were good and listened to what we had to say. It was quite nice.

The one thing I'm consciously working on, slowing down, actually felt like it went well today. Only once did I say something non-NFHS-approved after tooting my whistle, and on the whole, I know I slowed down. Was my posture OK? I don't know, but I do know I slowed down and that this is most of the battle.

I called one foul across the key as L that I probably should have let T or C handle, but so did my three partners at other times. I felt I was consistent with travel calls. I simply felt good. Well, except for my left ankle, which seemed surprised to be back in action, but that soreness has already gone.

I'm glad I'm taking these games; the aforementioned junior high game, this varsity scrimmage, and Monday's jamboree. It's making me feel completely at ease for the year.

THINGS I DID WELL: Slowed down, showed leadership, call selection
THINGS TO WORK ON: Poached on across key as L, forgot to stay back once on press as C (went to sleep sometime in the sixth quarter...)
NEXT UP: Jamboree Monday--lots of good girls' teams will be there, so it'll be a good test for the couple of quarters they'll put me out there.


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