Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Game Log 1/12/2010: One stupid, stupid mistake.

Worst game of the year tonight, and all because of one screw-up. It didn't impact the game, and I did fine in all other aspects of the JV and Varsity games, but with about a minute left in the first half of the varsity game, this happened.

White scores. I make my way upcourt as C. I head the coach say "Can I get a time out?" I toot my whistle.

Shit. Shit and damn and hell. Black was bringing the ball up the court, and I just tooted my whistle for White's time out request.

I did manage to say "Inadvertent whistle." If I had it to do over again, I would then have run away from White's coach and motioned my partners to inbound the ball again before White could call time out. But I didn't. I said: "Coach, I couldn't give you that time out then, but now the ball is dead. Do you still want it?"

Of course he did.

Black's coach said "Isn't that a technical foul?" I said "No, it isn't. It's a mistake by me." A minute later, at halftime, she said "Did they change that rule this year?" I don't think it's ever been a rule.

Anyway, an error that stupid really, really frosts me. I'm better than that. I've been having an awesome year, and even had a really good one -last- year. Then I up and do something like this. Crap.

It was a little bit in my head for the second half, but I don't think it impacted the quality of my calls or my game. It just sort of kept me mentally distant. Which, clearly I was to begin with, since it screwed me up.

I'd like to focus on the rest of the game--I had a few tough block/charge calls that I think I got right (and so do my partners), and we had good crew integrity and nice call selection.

But all I'll remember from this night is one breathtakingly stupid moment.

GOOD: Call selection, decent coach communication
WORK ON: Keep my goddamned brain in the goddamned game

NEXT UP: Boys' JV (alas, it's 2-person) on Thursday. Gotta shake the one whistle off.


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