Thursday, December 17, 2009

Game Log 12/15/2009: Two Ts in a row...

An interesting challenge the other night that I can't really reveal because it would show where I was officiating. I may talk about it later on in the year, however. But not here. Here, we'll just say we had two microscopic-school games, girls then boys. The girls microscopic-school team played a C-team for a local larger school and trounced them. The boys team played a microscopic school and pulled away in the second half.

The first game was smooth. What was most difficult about it was that this microscopic school used what was more or less an elementary school gym. The court was so short that it had the double-line for halfcourt that we had to explain to the visitors. Also, there was literally zero room on the baseline, which meant that we tried to eschew rotations as much as possible. Essentially, we agreed to holler when we rotated, which was rarely. But it all worked out.

Boys game was tougher, mostly thanks to the White coach. On my second call of the game--a rebound push where his kid landed on another kid--he piped in that his kid was 50 pounds lighter than the opponent. I didn't really have a response, since there is no wording in the rulebook which states that smaller kids cannot foul bigger kids. I did manage to say "Coach, this is not a polite question" (echoing what I say to coaches before every game). He said "I don't have a question." So I knew what he was made of early. He continued the play-by-play from hell enough that I warned him late in the second quarter. Both my partners said it was a good warning. He cooled off for a while, but his team started to fall apart in the third quarter (it was close at halftime). He chirped a little more then, and with the warning passed, the T was easy. In fact, my partners said they were surprised at how long I waited! "I'd have had him when he sarcastically addressed you as 'sir,'" one said. Nope--not enough. (How do you explain that in an ejection report? You don't. So I won't T for that.) We got together and said that they would have to have the second T. Second T was a possibility, really, but never quite arrived. Which I'm fine with.

I can't recall any real issues--calls I'd like back or calls I wish I'd made. I do think I was calling too much as lead, especially on rebounds. Need to have a more patient whistle there--that's a recurring theme for me this year in 3-person. But beyond that, it wasn't a bad night.

THINGS I DID WELL: Handled bizarre court well, took no crap
THINGS TO WORK ON: Patient whistle as L

NEXT UP: Well, it already happened. A Thursday girls JV/Varsity doubleheader. Just scroll up and you'll see.


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