Monday, December 07, 2009

Game Log 12/7/2009: Big game, smooth game

I wasn't the R tonight, but I did have the biggest game in the county. Granted, they're not really a big deal until the non-conference schedule ends, but I was still glad to get first-place in one conference last year against second-place in the other conference last year. Worked as a U2 with two regular playoff guys. And there were no problems.

JV went without issue, except for two--TWO!--triple-whistles. I haven't had one ever before, but tonight...holy crap. To be fair, all three were dead in the middle of the key. I was C on each of them, so I think I had a legitimate crack at them (although one of my partners claimed one of them was a drive from T to L, so maybe not). But seriously...two? Other than that, I only remember how calm and smooth the whole thing went.

Varsity was not a tremendous blowout, nor was it close (Blue led by 17 at half and won by 12). I did one fairly stupid thing, saying "Count the basket!" at a table when there was no basket. Brain-freeze...the table and my partners laughed. And they're claiming I'm taking too many calls as L. I probably am, especially the ones across the key. But when the shooter is right in front of me and in my area, why would I NOT take that call? I guess I don't get it.

Best moment of the night came from our observer. He came in at halftime (a little annoying, I must say...I'd rather he come after the ballgame and talk all he halftime, we need to talk as a crew). Nothing but compliments for the crew, with only minor suggestions (my calling stuff as L). As we headed back out to the floor, here's what he said:

OBSERVER: How long have you been doing this?
ME: This is my third year here, 11th overall.
OBSERVER: It shows.
ME: Thanks!
OBSERVER: Your mechanics are great.
ME: Really? They're not too loose?
OBSERVER: No. You look good out there.

I can't tell you how good that made me feel after SO MANY YEARS working on it. Success. (At least tonight.)

GOOD: Mechanics, stayed up with quick girls, crew communication
WORK ON: Brain freeze, poaching calls as L

Next up: Small-ish school at middling school girls' varsity tomorrow night.


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