Thursday, January 21, 2010

Game Log 1/21/2010: Good game with one bizarre moment; did I get it right?

Freshman boys tonight. While doing one game in a night is not nearly as lucrative as my usual JV/Varsity boys' doubleheader, it certainly is a lot more pleasant.

What I liked about this one is that my partner (a third-year official) and I had a really good pregame and stuck to it. We said we would take care of the dribblers; each of us called hand-checks in a way that showed crew integrity. We said we'd watch off-ball; we had some good post play calls. While the home team got out ahead significantly, we never changed the way we called the game; the game didn't call for it. It's a good thing, too, since the visitors almost made a game of it.

Lots of shot clock problems. It's certainly possible we missed a bum reset or two, but we noticed problems often enough that I'm proud of our alertness. And I even put a coach back into his box!

One bizarre moment tonight that I think I got right (but I'd like verification).

Late in the game, there's a foul on White. It's the kids' fifth foul. Two shots (double bonus). I head out to report it, where the table tells me the kid is disqualified. Coach doesn't care for the call, so I provide a quick explanation which delays me a little bit as I tell the coach and the player that this is the kid's fifth foul. Long story short: when I turn to tell my partner about the fifth foul, he already has the kid for Blue shooting.

He misses.

What do do now?

I brought on the sub and had the kid shoot two. Explained to the White coach that "you only had four players on the floor."

Not sure this is right. What would y'all do in that situation? Ignore the missed free throw and shoot two, or count it and go on to shoot the second of two?

Anyway, a relatively problem-free night. I'm glad we were the ones on the job; we kept it clean and stuck to it throughout.

THINGS I DID WELL: Followed through on pre-game talk, crew integrity, coach management
WORK ON: Got beat down the floor a time or two, posture probably wasn't good

NEXT: While I originally had a girls JV/Varsity doubleheader scheduled for Tuesday, I had to turn it back due to a work commitment. In exchange, I made myself available on Monday. Net result: I'm doing junior high games on Monday. I'll use them to work on posture and slowing down on the spot.


At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Massref said...

There are two ways to look at your situation:

1) Blue's FT never happened b/c the DQ'd kid hadn't been replaced yet, and nothing can happen (TO, subs, etc.) until we get a replacement.

2) The ball became live when your partner gave the ball to the shooter, regardless of the replacement situation. He was entitled to the FT, so it's not a correctable error. You have a merited FT taken by the correct player, so no correction can be made.

I don't think we have a clear directive for this at the high school level. I believe that the NCAA-W take option 1 above. The ball never became live b/c the DQ procedure hadn't been completed.

I think you have a legitimate rules-based argument for either approach. I think the answer SHOULD be option 1, but I just don't know if there's a conclusive answer from the NFHS.


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