Friday, March 17, 2006

Dan LeBetard

Referring to the umpires' performance in Team USA's loss to Mexico today, Dan LeBetard just used the word "cheat" or "cheating" 5 times in 32 seconds. In the same 32 seconds, he used the word "fix" and "had the help of the umpires."

I didn't see the game, but replays show that the umpire, Bob Davidson, blew at least one call.

LeBetard, of course, immediately runs to a conspiracy theory. When he hears hoofbeats, he looks for wooly mammoths.

I would like to sentence LeBetard to reffing kid's league games for a year. I will be there to watch, and I'll bring some loudmouth ref friends. Every call he blows, we will be there to tell him he's a cheater. Not "you blew it" or even "you suck." We'll call his integrity into question.

Wait a minute...first, we'll have to define integrity for him.

I agree. Not worth the trouble. Moving on...


At 1:25 PM, Blogger John B. said...

LeBetard is an ass...he knows less about sports than the average crappy talking head. He is usually corrosive and is kind of a sports 'shock jock' that says things for effect rather than accuracy or truthfulness.


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