Wednesday, March 22, 2006

NFL officiating

Rich McKay and the NFL Competition Committee, as reported by ESPN here, is "satisfied with its officiating but concerned that high-profile errors in the playoffs and Super Bowl left a bad impression."

But a couple of months ago, the league said that the game was "properly officated."

I'd like the league to make up its damn mind. Was it proper or were there "high-profile errors"? The call against Hasselbeck was an error...the others were either judgement calls or too-close-to-calls.

In any event, one of the suggested changes appears bizarre to me. I'm quoting today's article:

The committee also is considering recommending to officials that they make sure there was holding on a play before throwing a flag.

"We want to make sure they actually see the foul," McKay said.

This is offensive. The best football officials in the world need to be told not to call what they don't see? Gimme a break. That's terrible.


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