Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A change this season...

For the first time, I'm likely to have a few boys' games this year.

I originally started officiating girls' ball because there were fewer officials on that side. That meant more games and more money at a time when I needed money. I then had my friends on the girls' side, enjoyed the relative lack of testosterone, and frankly, became accustomed to the girls' game. I simply never had an occasion to switch.

But this year, there's an opportunity to do a few boys' games.

This will be an experience.

Adjustments, as I see them:

The speed of the game will take some time and adaption. My eyes will need to adjust.

I predict the coaches will be more overtly aggressive...more testosterone on display. I'll have to learn the language. Players too.

I have never had to call, nor even to think about, goaltending or basket interference. I talked to a fellow official, and he said "No matter how you study, the first time you see it, you'll simply have your mouth hanging open."

I'll keep you posted. My schedule will mostly still be girls' ball, but I'll do maybe 6-10 boys' games. I'll let you know.


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