Saturday, November 18, 2006

Rules Test '06: The Ones I Missed

I just completed my rules test. I do it two ways...first, unfettered by the rulebook, doing it off of my head. I got an 88 that way. That's down from an 89 last year. Then, I look at the rulebook closely. I got a 95 that way.

Here are the twelve questions I missed off the top of my head. If you can get them right, cool! Many of them were simply that I misread the question. A couple were bizarre or arcane...that's not an excuse, it's just an explanation. And one or two I still don't get.

It is a violation on dribbler A1 when a five-second, closely-guarded count is reached in A's backcourt.

Only one visible manufacturer's logo/trademark/reference or a school logo/mascot is permitted on the pants, compression shorts and sweatbands/headbands.

A state may adopt procedures for a running clock when a specified point differential is reached.

If the clock is stopped and the thrower holds the ball through the throw-in boundary plane and it is then touched by a player on the court, the clock shall start.

If only a 30-second time-out remains, it will be charged if the coach's request for conference results in no prevention or correction of an alternating-possession mistake.

A player who has been withdrawn may not re-enter before the next opportunity to substitute after the ball becomes live following his/her replacement.

A substitute who legally enters the game during a dead-ball period maynot be withdrawn during that same dead-ball period.

The timer shall sound a warning horn at 20 seconds of the 30 second interval for replacing a disqualified player if the required substitute has not reported.

The scorers shall be responsible for the possession arrow.

No free throws are awarded when opponents commit simultaneous personal fouls.

An official shall notify the coach, request the timer to begin the replacement interval, and then notify the player of his/her disqualification.

A team-control foul can also be intentional or flagrant.

To establish the alternating-possession procedure, control may be gained as a result of a violation or foul.


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