Wednesday, January 10, 2007

At work today...

I was distracted, working hard. During lulls and lunch, I would think: "Wow, I've got a big game today. Wow, I'm stoked. Wow, I want this to go well." Then I'd get back to my job. I had invited a couple of co-workers to tape the game, so I could see how I responded to the pressure, so word got around the office. One worker said: "Wow! You've got THAT game?"

I left work early, just in case the weather or traffic acted up.

Ten minutes into my drive, the game was cancelled due to weather.

Here's the deal: When the game is rescheduled, my partners and I get the first crack at it next time. And when the game is rescheduled, it'll be later in the season...and therefore an even bigger game.

I'll be on it, and I'll try to keep the nerves under control. (But I think it's a good thing that I'm nervous for a big game. It means I care.)


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