Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Game Log 1/24/2007: Great evaluation, great partners

I worked with a top-five official today that I'd never worked with before. It was a massive pleasure...I wish I'd had a chance to work with him earlier.

One of my main problems as an official is tunnel-vision...I get to concentrating so deeply that I get very tight. Most partners of mine have to focus on getting me to loosen up considerably. As I gave feedback to the JV official, for instance, I said: "This next pointer is a little complex." Partner thought that was so funny that he wrote it on the board: "Word for the day: Complex." I wound up as the R, pregaming well. Both partners were helpful.

The game was quite smooth...I didn't have too many calls, actually. Probably fewer than both of my partners. Top-Five had very few in the first half, and a bunch in the second. The other partner had loads in the first half, few in the second. I just kinda didn't have as many. There was a foul disparity in the first wound up 10-3. I wanted a call on Green, but they just weren't there. I also wanted to take some passes on White...but their fouls were unignorably rough.

It was close at halftime before Green pulled away.

Funny second-half moment. I saw a kid with a hairpin on top of her head (how did all of us miss that?). I sent her out of the game for a sub. At a subsequent time out, Top Five said to me: "You hardass. This was her big chance to get in the book, and now she won't. You took her big moment away from her." My response: "Oh, hell. am I going to have to pay for her therapy?"

But get this: Top Five took it to the next level. A kid came onto the court from that time out with an untucked shirt, and settled in my area. Naturally, Top Five signaled to me to get her to tuck it in...thus making me the hardass again. We were laughing a bunch at that.

Evaluator was wonderful. Quoth he: "It's my job to make you guys into better officials. Tonight, however, you were already better officials." Awesome! His only suggestions were that I be careful not to bail out as C and T. This is the second game in a row where I've gotten that advice, so I'll do it. Top Five also said I was getting too far away from the end line as it was like two Ts. I've been doing that to avoid getting cement feet as C, a past criticism. But I'll try to make my movement either towards the baseline or onto the court...and limit it to a step and a half.

THINGS DONE WELL: Game control, call selection
THINGS TO WORK ON: Avoid drifting out as C, and NO MORE BAILING OUT.
NEXT UP: A freshman game and a probable-blowout varsity game on Friday.


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