Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Game Log 1/30/2007: Two easy junior high, one tight varsity

Tripleheader tonight, although I'll hardly count the two junior high. These were tiny little religious schools. The "varsity" had one or two ballplayers. The "JV" (mostly sixth grade) were very unskilled. I loved watching a kid on defense stand behind her backboard, between it and the baseline, jumping up and down with her arms up. Marvelous. And another asked me "Where does the three stand? Here?" But my favorite moment by FAR was when I called a foul (one of very few in both games) on blue #22, and adorable munchkin of a sixth grader. She timidly said "I'm sorry!" I laughed out loud and told her she didn't have to apologize. Just awesome.

A tight big-school game followed. It was fantastic. I got a good call early, which helped, and heard absolutely nothing from either coach all night (well, one minor gripe from the visitor, but barely worth noting). Partner helped me on a shoving match around a screen that I didn't toot because I couldn't decide who the aggressor was...I just need to pick one out. (She got the pusher-through while I was deep in thought about who to call it on ). I had two brain farts...I thought the quarter had ended on what was actually a shot clock violation with 8 seconds left in the third, and I changed #23's foul to #22 on my way to the table once (and on a call that may have been soft, although I stand by it). But there was a lot more good than bad tonight. I even had a great shooting foul--a push--TWO SECONDS into the second half. Back-door pass for a layup in front of me as C, and she was pushed. And-one!

This was close late, too, and I stayed calm and on top of things.

Just a great night. My brother was there to videotape me, and I look forward to seeing me at my best...it'll make my weaknesses more evident, I think.

THINGS I DID WELL: Calmness, call selection, tooted whistle on partner's line when he missed two obvious bounces on the baseline, alertness
THINGS TO WORK ON: Weird brain freezes.
NEXT UP: Another big-school game tomorrow...winless against sub-.400.


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