Friday, January 26, 2007

Game Log 1/26/2007: Doubleheader

Freshman game today was fairly uneventful. I already only remember two things about it:

--Going to the shot clock operator to ask her to reset the shot clock after the inbound after a made shot. As I did so, the AD got mad at her, saying: "You didn't listen to me when I told you that, but you'll listen to him?"

--Doing something downright embarrassing. As we walked up the floor to shoot some FTs, I decided to throw the ball to my partner...and I threw it into a player's leg! I apologized and then went to give her five. We laughed for a long time.

Varsity game tonight was a blowout as expected. One of the coaches is one that I T'd earlier this season. He remembered me. In the brief discussion before the game, he said "Could you warn me this time?" (It wasn't impolite.) I said I thought I had warned him, and that was that. No grudges.

White actually led 7-2 at one point. Coach was elated! They were already down 12-8 at the end of the quarter, though, and down by 31-10 at half. Yow.

It was a strange night partner partners were a woman who has a negative impression of me (my one game with her was the worst I've had in many years) and a JV fill-in. We were worried because it was the JV official's first 3-person game outside of a camp (and his fourth overall). But the game was as smooth as a baby's bottom.

I can't remember a call I'd like back. I didn't hear boo from either coach.

But my varsity-level partner did. The coach who used to bark at me, but now doesn't anymore decided that she was her bitch. He didn't like a call she had on a boxout that caused displacement. A lot of coaches (including this one) coach their kids to use their butts to back their opponents up about ten feet and call it a "boxout." You can't do that. He actually told her: "That's what I teach them to do." Well, then he's teaching them to foul. She responded "They can box out, but they can't displace." I called one later on his opponents. (No complaint.)

I had an issue where a player on the losing team went down to tie her shoe after a made hoop by their opponents. They wanted me to blow the whistle. I didn't, since we can only stop the game for glasses or contact lenses. Partner suggested after the game that I might do so, given the score of the game. I disagree. I told the coach that he needed to call time out...then backed off and said I'd check it out tonight. why the hell did I do that? Where's that damn confidence? It's coming, I guess. We learn a lot of this stuff by making mistakes.

THINGS I DID WELL: Call selection, more as T and C.
THINGS TO WORK ON: Confidence in weird situation
NEXT UP: #1 in the state against sub-.500. Happy to be there, though...I've always wanted to ref this #1 in the state. Classy program, classy coach.


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