Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Making a bad impression...

Still waiting around for my first game. I'm listed as unavailable for tonight, but I got a call from my assignor about an hour ago..."Hey, I've got some openings and I need you tonight!" wife and I are going to a Christmas concert. Weighing options...the marriage, or the game?...I said "Sorry, but I'm going to a concert. I am available tomorrow, though."

I get home and find there's an assignment waiting for me...

for Friday.

I'm unavailable Friday due to a coaching commitment (not basketball coaching).

And I'm listed as unavailable for Friday.

Damnit, no means no! My new assignor is either desperate, disrespectful, or inattentive. My money's on the first one, but it could be the other two (I had to give him my phone and email three times, because twice he said he "had never received it").

But I sent him an apologetic email nevertheless. Still, it'll take time for me to work past this negative first impression that is in no way my fault.


At 5:46 PM, Blogger Young Ref: The blog for Basketball Officials said...

Wonder if it is the program he uses. Sounds like you should just drop everything and officiate full time ;)


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