Thursday, January 03, 2008

Game Log 1/3/2008: Freshman blowout

Boys' game tonight...big school with a great program against a small school with a not-so-good program. Sometimes that doesn't bleed down to the freshmen...but tonight it sure did. White beat Red by 45.

When we had a 20-point halftime lead, I chatted to my partner in the locker room. I said we needed to watch closely for frustration fouls. I also said that I didn't think we'd get many frustration fouls...Red seemed like they were accustomed to getting blown out. They also weren't playing at all rough...they were quite timid.

Third quarter flew by...three fouls, all on white (we took a pass on a couple for Red). Then the fourth quarter started. I heard the coach say to his bench: "We don't have any fouls yet! I don't think we had any in the first half, either! [Actually, they had six.] I need to see some fouls!"

Attention, coaches! Don't say that!

I made sure to get the first one as Blue went out and threw themselves around to try to show the coach their aggressiveness. It wasn't so bad...just a big slap/reach on the player passing him by. Good one to start with. Then another. Then another.

Time out with four minutes left. I say to my partner: "As much as I want to avoid one-and-one, there's some shit out here I think we need to call."

His response: "There's just four minutes left. They'll be OK."

Me: "I don't want anyone to get hurt."

It didn't come to that...things settled down immediately. Partner helped out by talking to them at a free throw, saying "Stop with the cheap ones, guys." There wasn't really any anger out there, which is what I most look for in blowouts...twice Red apologized for fouls.

Only one call I remember--end of the first half. I had very few calls in the first half--partner had more, just by luck of the draw. But on a fast break, White went up for a layup. Red was late...very late...running across the key. Red realized there was no chance, and, I think, tried to slow down. The result, however, was a pretty bad undercut. An intentional foul crossed my mind, but I don't think the intent was there...Red was actually ducking. Had he been pushing or throwing a forearm, I would have gone intentional.

I get distracted by partners who do not switch because it's "just a freshman game." But it's not time for me to fight partners. Yet.

GOOD: Stayed focused, called the necessary, talked to players
WORK ON: Ball-watched a little late. Didn't do boys' 5-second counts consistently.
NEXT UP: Girls' freshman game tomorrow.


At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Abelicio Padilla said...

ugh...I also get distracted by partners who don't switch. I'm lucky and get partners that sit in the stands during timeouts or flirt with cheerleaders...

oh well :)

At 10:11 PM, Blogger TeacherRefPoet said...

Mr. Padilla:

It's bad enough that your partners flirt with the cheerleaders...but your blog indicates that many of your games are junior high games. ICK.

At 2:20 AM, Anonymous Abie said...

lol...nice...well not really...

the partner i'm referring to did a few jv games with me...not that there is a difference between flirting with mid school or jv right?


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