Friday, December 21, 2007

Game Log 12/21/2007: The much-delayed season opener

Two JV games tonight at a JV Tournament...girls followed by boys (my first-ever HS boys' game). I thought it would be two boys' games. In a way, I was glad to do girls first--it meant I could ease into the boys. But I've let myself fall a bit out of shape, so as the girls' game ended and I was tired, I became a bit concerned.

I had nothing to be concerned about. Much to my delight, the boys' game tonight was way easier than the girls' game. The teams were disciplined and well-coached, and when one team sits back in a zone and there's no shot clock, we've got a smooth game.

First, the girls' game. Not much to report. I think I missed an over-and-back at one point (a quick one...player caught an in-bound and then stepped back), but I can't say there's anything else I'd like back. My partner--a first-year HS official who I think is on his way to good things--apparently missed an egregious call on a free throw that hit only glass. It's awkward when the coach shouts "I want a conference!" I got together with my partner...maybe I shouldn't have...but I just in-bounded the ball right afterwards. It all worked out. There was a fair amount of contact, especially on the ballhandlers on the perimeter, and our calls didn't seem to help out. There were many times when a defender would run up to the ballhandler as the ballhandler extended a forearm to knock her down. We consistently called that player-control. Unpopular, but reasonable.

The boys? No big issues. I missed a call on a ball that went out of bounds on the opposite sideline when I was lead. Why the hell did I blow my whistle? Bad ref...and apparently I blew that call pretty good. If I'd waited a second or gotten help, it would have worked out. There was one situation where a player missed a free throw, then leapt into the back of an opponent while going for the rebound. Easy foul. But the two stayed face to face, and I had to run in and prevent it. I suppose a T could have been in order, but I stand by my decision just to run in and get them walking to the other end. The crowd were rather buttheads, but I maintained confidence.

So, plainly and simply, I learned tonight that I can handle boys basketball, even while tired. That's not a bad place to start.

GOOD: Confidence, call selection, coach management
WORK ON: Refresh memory on 2-man mechanics, stick to my damn lines, get in shape

NEXT: Believe it or not, nothing until January 3. A freshman game...I forget the gender. I think its boys.


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