Monday, December 10, 2007


In the blogroll, that is. (Does anybody use blogrolls anymore?)

Young Ref, frequent contributer to comments here, currently going to school on the East Coast, has joined the family of blogging refs. Since he's the only chance I have to be invited to a fraternity party between now and my death, I'd better be nice to him. (Actually, Young Ref, I'll pass. I don't want to be Egregiously Old Guy.)

Here, as well as on the sidebar, is the blog. Keep it coming, Young Ref. And send me an email with your schedule...I'll be visiting family in The Big City over the holiday break, so maybe I can watch you work.

Also, I have rid myself of three of the old blogs on the blogroll, three of whom are now pushing up the daisies with their stripes and whistles.


At 10:53 PM, Anonymous abie said...

love your blog man. you are also one of the only referee blogs i have found. i also have one...

i added your link because i enjoy reading your blog. maybe we can exchange? either way...keep up the good work. by the time of your first game i'll have had 19!

At 8:01 PM, Blogger Young Ref: The blog for Basketball Officials said...

Thanks for your comments, I will send you an email this week. Have a good time Friday as I will be on a plane back to the big city :)


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