Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Men's rec ball

Looks like my assignor has offered me some rec ball--I assume adult--for a couple of Tuesday nights.

I did two years of softball about a decade ago. I quit because I grew tired of drunken angry adults. I didn't have a partner, to be fair, but I simply hated it. I'm worried that adult rec ball will be the same.

I'm leaning towards saying yes so I can stay good with the assignor, but I don't want to start hating officiating. Should I say no?


At 4:31 PM, Anonymous Abie said...

Our assignor out here doesn't assign rec league...but I volunteered for it in the beginning of the season thinking it would help me out.

I did one night and hated it, not because of the players...but because of my partners...they didn't take it as serious as I was...didn't do the right mechanics...reporting fouls from right where they were at...horrible. Needless to say I quit...

Might be different for you since you guys are assigned those games...

If I were assigned them I would take them, mainly cause I am new and want to make a good impression...but you are new to your area right? tough one...lol


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