Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thanks, Dan Dierdorf. Take a flying leap, Boomer Esiason.

HUGE holding call flagged by Phil Luckett at the end of the first half that nullified an interception return for a touchdown by San Diego. The couple of replays didn't show it. When we went to the studio at halftime, Boomer Esiason ripped it to shreds, calling it "a bad call by Phil Luckett. Remember Phil Luckett? [with a wink-wink to Bill Cowher]"

Boomer, not only are you about a decade past funny, you're also wrong. Back at the time of the Thanksgiving coin flip controversy, nine years ago, even Pittsburgh TV reported that Jerome Bettis said "hea-tails..." and ran back to the sideline complaining "It hadn't hit the ground yet!" But without having looked at the relevant part of the play, Esiason decided it was time to dust off a cheap Phil Luckett joke. Hilarious, Boomer! What's next? Will you take up CBS' airtime with your arsenal of wacky Jimmy Hoffa, Dan Quayle, and Billy Carter jokes?

Try seeing the play first, Boomer. Not sure how? Listen to your superior colleague, Dan Dierdorf. He was much better. Here's what he said, verbatim off of the digitial recorder:

"That's Joseph Addai who's on Weddle's left shoulder. Weddle reels him back in and does not let Addai have the outside position that he had established. That's what the official saw, and that's why he threw the flag."

Good call or bad call? I'm not expert enough to say. But who did the better job as a commentator today? The guy who came to an angry conclusion without having seen a good replay, or the guy who analyzed the replay like he was, you know, an analyst?

Thanks, Dan. Keep it coming.


At 12:42 PM, Anonymous jmoss said...

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At 2:23 PM, Blogger BloggingRef said...

jmoss--I don't mind you disagreeing with me--commenters occasionally do. But on my turf here, you'll have to do it without name-calling. I won't go off on you in case you're a kid, but I'll be as clear as I can:

If you want to talk, try again with some civility (and try addressing some of my main points, which you ignored). If you want to troll, go somewhere else.

At 7:58 AM, Blogger tommyspoon said...

Did I miss a concern troll? Damn! Must be tech week...


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