Friday, January 11, 2008

Wow! Table problems!

When I have good people at the scorer's table, it makes a significant difference in the night. When I don't trust the scorer, the world can be miserable. What's worst is when some little kid is on the job. The attention span just isn't good enough.

But I guess it can happen to anyone. The NBA is replaying the end of a game because the scorers mistakenly thought Shaquille O'Neal had six fouls. He only had five.

I'm fine with human error here, but not fine with the fact that they apparently didn't check with the backup, computerized book during time outs like they were supposed to. Had they done so, none of this mess would have happened. With that in mind, and that this is a misapplication of a rule rather than a challenged judgement call, I'm cool with the restart.

There hasn't been a situation like that in 24 years. The Lakers' Norm Nixon faked a foul shot, causing players from both teams to jump into the lane with three seconds left in a close game. Referee Jack Madden called a jump ball. Commissioner Larry O'Brien ruled that Madden misapplied the rule. So instead of the Lakers winning in overtime, the Spurs won in regulation. How do I remember this? Faintly. I was a 13-year-old NBA fanatic for that, and I remember Nixon faking the free throw. The rest I got here.


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