Saturday, June 07, 2008

Game Log 6/7/2008: Easy morning

Two JV girls games. I was disappointed, to be honest--I wanted to work on my positioning as C, so the two-person mechanics were a bit of a let-down. Still, the games gave me a opportunity to work on my other big issues du jour: posture and reducing verbiage. Each games were pretty smooth and pretty quick (20-minute running clock). The second game had a lot of post pushing, and I got a chance to call some off-ball stuff (forearm push in the backs do NOT happen in my games, dammit!). But this one was mostly about me not saying stupid things after blowing my whistle, and I didn't. Hooray me.

Of course, I forgot the posture stuff. I'm pretty sure I was still leaning over and probably squinting. I'll focus on that tomorrow.

Best news of all: I am having literally zero physical aftermath from these games. My feet and knees have recovered, I think. I totally must keep on my feet this summer. It's something I pretty well need to do for my health anyway...the reffing is provides an excuse to do it.

THINGS I DID WELL: Kept an eye on partner to release/get ball, didn't use excess verbiage, had good off-ball calls.

THINGS TO WORK ON: Posture probably wasn't good. Wandered outside my area once to get a double-dribble...why was I watching there?

NEXT UP: Another game, probably JV again, tomorrow.


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