Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Game Log 12/30/2008...Resumption

Uneventful JV Girls' game tonight. To my surprise, I was working with a higher-up college guy tonight. Maybe they couldn't find anyone else for the 4PM start, but there we were, me at the bottom of the varsity list and him at the top, working together on a JV game.

The game featured some borderline screens up high that we probably should have called in the first half. We agreed at halftime that we'd start calling them, but they cleaned up in the second half...the third quarter flew by. The quality of play wasn't too bad for JV girls (this doesn't mean it was good, though). It was a close game that Blue won by 5 with a few key late buckets.

I'm thinking about my approach to coaches, which has developed into not hearing them. My partner spent a LOT of time in conversation with players and coaches. We wound up warning both coaches, but I'm noticing that this year I'm just not bothered by them...what barking there has been this year has gone right by me. I've thought this was a good thing...but watching my partner's different philosophy today has changed my mind. I think it's really better to be aware so we can nip it in the bud. It certainly would have made this game easier...

This led to a discussion of how to handle a game with one loud coach and one quiet one. Partner said--I think wisely--that the quiet coach will get the impression, rightly or wrongly, that the refs are being "worked." So I guess I'll try to increase my game awareness.

Indeed, if anything went wrong tonight, it was that I was too tunneled. I tooted my whistle across the key (forgiveable in two-man) and called the foul, all before I noticed that my partner had his fist in the air (not forgiveable ever). So I just need to--same as ever--SLOW DOWN.

Oh, two other things. I told myself I'd call every foul and violation with my left hand tonight. That didn't happen. I still need work on this.

And there was one rule that I should have stepped forward and enforced. There was an injury right in front of Blue's bench. I beckoned the Blue coach onto the floor (although he didn't have to leave his seat). After about 90 seconds, the player popped up and my partner went to inbound the ball. I said "Wait, that injured player has to leave the game...ah, never mind." Should have been stronger and enforced the rule properly.

But I'm being fairly hard on myself. I did a lot well, too. When Blue #11 committed a foul that made her upset at my partner, I noticed them having words. Immediately thereafter, Blue #11 fouled again...a good one. While it was outside of my area, I went ahead and tooted it. It was a double-whistle, but to prevent 11 from blowing her top even more at my official, I ran out and said "I've got this one." Pretty good watching-partner's-back and preventitive officiating, if I say so myself.

So, a decent day. But my legs were dragging. 2-man mechanics and the long break didn't do me any favors. I'll try to work out over the next couple of days for my Friday doubleheader.

THINGS I DID WELL: In sync with partner, good, consistent travel calls, enough game awareness to help partner out in weird situation
THINGS TO WORK ON: Conditioning, don't get lazy with sub rules, probably let too much go in post
NEXT: Friday girls' doubleheader. The best program in our area against someone from out of town I'm not familiar with. Could be great; could be awful. I'm ready for either.


At 5:04 AM, Anonymous Massref said...

I'm thinking about my approach to coaches, which has developed into not hearing them.

When I first started, I had no idea how to deal with coaches, just like any new official. And there was one in particular in a youth league I worked who was a real jerk, to be blunt.

I ended up simply ignoring him completely, and somehow adopting this as my approach to all coaches. I just ignored every single comment from the bench.

But I know now that it's often helpful to simply acknowledge that I've heard the coach, even if I'm not going to do anything about the complaint/comment. Sometimes, they just want to know that you're hearing "their side" of things.

I'm still not great at coach relations (although I've been around long enough now that I have a pretty good rapport with the HS coaches in my area), especially at the college level. But I try to at least let the coach know I'm listening. "Ok, Coach", "I'll watch for it, Coach", "I hear you".

That doesn't always work, but it has helped me with non-jerk coaches, who are just trying to be heard.


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