Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Talk to the hand

In a meeting recently, we were told that the traditional showing-the-coach-the-palm needs to be changed. You know what I'm talking about...the stop-sign, the international gesture for "Stop doing that right now." We were told that it is seen as disrespectful. We were recommended we replace it with a gesture which has the palm pointed downward and moved a little towards the floor, as if to say "Calm down. Take it easy."

I'm having trouble doing this. I want to show the coach my palm.

Two reasons:

1. The above. I certainly intend no disrespect, but if I'm saying "No more, coach," I want my gesture to say what my words are saying. Seriously, I've even practiced saying "That's enough, coach...no more" while moving one or both downward-turned palms towards the floor. It feels bizarre. I can't do it.

2. Plus, if I have to give a T to a coach after said warning, I want any videotaped evidence of the game to show that I showed him/her my palm (in a calm, respectful manner, of course). If it looks like I'm trying to calm and placate him/her (as the downward-palm gesture does), then have to whack him/her with a T...well, it'll look inconsistent and surprising. But if I clearly show the "no more" gesture, then T him/her later, it'll look (correctly) like the coach ignored my warning.

I think I'll risk it. Talk to the hand, loudmouthed coach.


At 6:33 AM, Blogger Joe said...

You know, whistling at people is really disrespectful. I suggest you stop using the whistle and start quietly taking players aside and saying "excuse me, I value you as a person, but would you mind not pushing the other players quite so hard?"

Show 'em the palm! You're the ref, not the babysitter!


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