Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Singing on the sideline

As I was waiting on the sideline before tonight's Varsity game, it occurred to me that maybe "Stacy's Mom" isn't an appropriate song for the high school band to rock out to. I mean, seriously, I love the song (probably should get it on my iPod). But a high school band? Ick.

So I sidled over to partner #1 and said "Do you know this song?" He didn't. So I sang the chorus to him. "Eww! That's disgusting!", he said.

I sidled over to partner #2, who, in spite of being about my age, also did not know the song. Sang the chorus to her as well. "That's sick! That's just wrong!", she said.

I've got to admit that, if I were a HS band director, I'd lay off of it. But it's singable enough that I sang along in my pregame. I like that.

I guess I'm torn.


At 11:11 PM, OpenID swankette said...

Now I'm curious if there's anyone in the band named Stacy. And what her Mom looks like.

At 8:25 AM, Blogger tommyspoon said...

Man, that's a catchy little tune!

I suppose that chorus crosses a line, but in the end the song's a fantasy. And it doesn't involve hurting anyone or yourself.

I'm less torn than you, I suspect. But I will download it for my iPod later today!

At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Massref said...

It's still a whole lot better than some of the rap lyrics I hear pre-game.


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