Monday, November 30, 2009

Game Log 11/30/2009: Jamboree

Worked two ten-minute quarters tonight. No big whoop. Felt in control all night, and only had one call I'd like back (a shove on a rebound--it was there, but I should have held the whistle just a tad because I called it on the losing/defense team just as a three-pointer zipped through the net). Also, a double whistle I probably shouldn't have tooted. I was L and called a rebounding foul on Blue the opposite side of the key, and went up at the same time as my C. C said "Do you have a foul on White?" and I lied and said yes because he had a FAR better look at the play. Kudos to me for delaying after the whistle--my season-long goal to slow down is already paying dividends!--but still, I'd have been better off never blowing the whistle on that one at all.

Had a great pregame...but only with one partner, since the other was in the stands chatting with other officials. Bummer. But it made a big difference even with just the one partner. And further, the assignor was watching, and said we did well--that as a crew, he'd put us on any game. Nice!

One minor blunder. With no real rules changes in NFHS, I'm afraid I went into cruise control and sort of forgot a new high school mechanic: T is now mirroring L's chop-clock signal on baseline inbounds in the frontcourt. Totally forgot it, and assignor reminded us between Jamboree mini-games. No sweat. Then, with 6 seconds left, I was T in such a situation. "That BloggingRef is really intelligent," he said to those around him. "You only have to tell him something once, and then he's got it. Watch him chop the clock in on this." Alas, I made a liar out of him. I was too busy communicating last-shot stuff and totally forgot the new chop-clock mechanic. We got a laugh out of it, but I need to remember henceforward.

All in all, I still feel like I'm off to a good start. I look forward to the first real game tomorrow night.

GOOD: Felt comfortable, ran good pregame, communicated well with partners
WORK ON: More patient whistle as L, foot speed (these kids were quick, and I was beat a time or two more often than I would like)
NEXT UP: Small-school girls JV/Varsity doubleheader tomorrow. Time for the real games!


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