Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Game Log 1/31/07: Near-upset

Good game tonight with two good partners. Minimal coach guff and several calls I liked. I especially remember one I had across the key as C. There was a drive where L was straightlined, and I guess T had too much traffic...but it was a major, major smack on the wrist. As L signaled out of bounds, I ran in with my fist in the air and said "I definitely have this one, partner." Felt good.

But I had a strange disease tonight where I kept pointing the wrong damn direction. Didn't do wonders for my credibility, but for whatever reason, out-of-bounds-dyslexia wouldn't leave me alone tonight. The worst was when I had a call on the other side of my baseline. "White!" I shouted. My C had a far better look at the play. He came to me and said "I have definite knowledge the ball went off of White." I said okay, stepped back, and repeated "White!" In those three seconds, I guess I completely lost control of everything. I also totally ran to the wrong side of the court once on an out-of-bounds was just a bizarre series of minor brain mess-ups. I talked to my partners during a time out in the fourth quarter and said: "I don't know what my deal is, but there's 4:47 to go, and I won't fuck up again." They laughed. Good people.

Winless was up by as many as ten in the fourth quarter, but sub-.500 chipped back into it, including on a critical and-one I called. They tied the score on a bucket with a minute to left, and then white committed a line violation on the ensuing throw-in. Unbelievable...but unpassable. Sub-.500 then missed a shot, and then Winless stepped out of bounds as they were pressed. With 10 seconds left, sub-.500 were put on the line on a big foul on the shot, and made both. Winless's desperation heave was off. Bummer.

Good game in many ways. I just wish I'd pointed the right damn way. Evaluator noticed all of this...sounds like it'll be a fair and accurate evaluation.

THINGS I DID WELL: Call selection, calmness
THINGS TO WORK ON: Brain freezes on pointing
NEXT UP: Small-school varsity on Friday.


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