Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hoyas win, dammit

I didn't see what apparently was a postgame bloodbath by Greg Gumbel and Seth Davis saying that Jeff Green traveled before his game-winning shot. I was babysitting my nephews, and saw the game-winner but not the aftermath.

But I just read this in an Associated PRess article:

Replays seemed to suggest Green traveled by picking up his pivot foot. None of the three officials saw it that way.

God-bleepin'-dammit! THAT'S NOT THE RULE! And people who are paid to know sports should disembowel themselves for printing that!

It is not a travel to lift the pivot foot. A little common sense! If it were, that would mean every jump shot would be a travel. Criminy.

I haven't seen the play other than live, but if he lifted his pivot foot, it is NOT A TRAVEL!

Every moron with an anger management problem is going to remember this article and yell at me next year. Good God, this is a mistake nobody who has read the rules would make.

Seriously, AP, demote, suspend, or fire...but this guy isn't worth being on your staff. He has embarrassed you.


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